How to get my dog to stop tearing things up

I am sure that you have heard the myth that chewing is just a part of a normal dog owning experience. You bring your cute little puppy home only to find out a few days later that you have a one man wrecking crew. Puppies like to chew on everything whether it is your favorite pair of shoes or the most expensive piece of furniture in the house, a puppy’s chewing and tearing up knows no boundaries.

If you are lucky, your puppy will naturally tire of this habit and grow out if it on its own; however, there are many dog owners that all too soon realize that their dog is not going to grow out of this bad habit on their own.

Before you know how to treat the problem, first you have to discover what is causing it. Is your dog chewing and tearing up your things because it is under stimulated? A dog is just like a child, it needs toys and things to do to keep it amused or it will go out and look for something to do, which usually leads to trouble.

Maybe your dog does not tear things until you leave it alone, if that is the case your dog may be acting out to show you that they are not happy when you leave them home alone. Think of it like a tantrum that a child would throw to show you that they were not happy. The last possible cause for your dogs destroying things is not behavioral but instead medical. If your dog is having dental problems that could be the reason that they are chewing things up and ripping them apart.

If your dog is tearing things up because she is bored, this is the easiest of the three. Go to your local pet shop and buy your puppy a few chew toys. If you do not have the extra money to spend, right now, than you can choose a shoe that you or your child no longer wears and let your dog have it. Watch the dog carefully for a few days and every time you see them chewing on something that isn’t theirs tell them no and replace what they are tearing up with the new toy, soon you will see that they have no interest in what isn’t theirs.

If your dog is using this bad behavior to get your attention, it is going to be a little harder to correct. Set aside a time each day that is for just you and your dog. Take them on a walk, or play fetch with them. Do not let anything interrupt this bonding time with you and your pet. Let your dog know that they are important to you.

Eight out of ten times, spending the extra time each day with your dog is enough to correct the problem, however, if your dog is still destroying things, you may want to look into a puppy create for when you are going to leave the house. If you have watched your dog and you have decided that the problem is not behavioral than take them to the vet as soon as possible. Your pet’s teeth and gums are not something that you want them to start having problems with.

If your dog has a chipped or decayed tooth, it could lead to a bad infection if left unattended. Whatever it is that is causing your dog to tear up things, it has to be confronted head on. Your dog should not be allowed to have the run of your house to destroy things. Take the time to figure out what it is that is bothering your pet and do what you can to fix it.

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